Sidewalk and Concrete Curbing Louisville KY

Concrete curbing is a great addition to your front or backyard area. It can help to protect and separate your grasses and plants. These concrete borders are durable and will hold up throughout the seasons. A lot of times, we can even complete these jobs in one day! A couple benefits of concrete curbing are that there are a lot of design options, it won’t rust, doesn’t disrupt current environment and it adds a professional look to your estate. In planning stages, we will find the best solution that will match your current look so that they blend together seamlessly.

Other services we offer are concrete sidewalk repair and installation. Sidewalks generally see a lot of traffic, which makes it important for handling a lot of pressure. A problem that we see often is sidewalk cracks. Though they don’t look great, they likely won’t cause any major problem. This does depend on the size and depth of the crack. A bigger problem arises when water is allowed in and this should signal a call for repair.

Why choose our concrete company?

We are a group of people who believe in helping our local community. Through our concrete services in Louisville, we are able to add practical and beautiful features to people’s homes and businesses. What drives us is our passion for what we do and how appreciative our customers are after a job. We treat our clients like family and we like to think we’re making a difference. If you’ve got a project you want done, give our friendly staff a call and let’s discuss how we can help you.